The short answer would be ‘by accident’. We’ve always had a keen interest in architecture, and gathered inspiration from travels to places such as Bali, London, New York, Oslo, Tuscany, and our beautiful capital city Palma, but didn’t really get involved commercially until the late 90s. As is the case with many Mallorquin families, several plots of land have been passed down through the generations and in 2000 we decided to develop a prime harbour side parcel in Port Andratx. Seizing a window of opportunity before the authorities limited apartment construction, we created a five-storey project – basement gymnasium, ground floor office (now home to our 25-year-established yacht charter and sales business easyboats) and five apartments. Upon completion it was valued at 2.3 million euros – a 230% return on investment.


Having caught the development ‘bug’, we now had a high-spec product to show to investors and immediately, in 2002, turned our attention to a Fisherman’s Union building in Port Andratx. The small 1930s build was literally falling apart, holes in the roof, no toilet facilities, and no money to fix it. So we came to an agreement whereby we constructed a four-storey project and kept the ground floor office premises and rooftop penthouse (with pool) for ourselves, giving the middle two apartments to the Union. The sale of the penthouse alone returned all our investment. Followed ten luxury sea-view apartments in La Mola Andratx (all sold off plan), a refurbishment of an Old Town Palma palace (also sold off plan), and five residential homes in Calvia (you guessed, sold off plan). By now we were in 2007-2008, global recession had arrived, and all further development went on hold.


Since 2013, yes. The property market in Mallorca is now flourishing and Northern Europeans (Scandinavians, British, Germans in particular) are keen to spend once more. We have assembled a best-in-business team to include builder Lorenzo García (responsible for homes for the Swarovski family, Abba’s Frida Lyngstad and the jaw-dropping Rialto Living building in Palma) and architect Toni Juncosa (nephew of abstract artist Joan Miró, and a CV which includes homes for Michael Douglas and Claudia Schiffer). Our specialism is high-end villas and we can guarantee an exquisite finished product.


Our tagline is ‘home makers’ – and this is what we do. It’s not about the numbers, it’s not about constructing ‘just another house’ – it’s about creating a sanctuary. Most of our clients are non-residents who want a second home to escape to. We want them to feel better as soon as they set foot in the door. This means creating the right ambience, ensuring the correct orientation, framing the best views, crafting the garden with the home – not as an afterthought. We love getting involved, being on site, visualising spaces, and taking an interest in, and responsibility for, the details, the finish, the budget. And, of course, we’re born-and-bred Mallorquins, trilingual (Spanish, English, Mallorquin), know the authorities personally, are familiar with the intricacies and politics of the planning process, and have an established network of ancillary services from lawyers to financial experts at our fingertips. Most importantly we have integrity as our core value – our success is measured only by client satisfaction.